November 2019

Superintendent’s Corner:  Practicing Gratitude 

Growing up I always hated the holiday tradition of going around the table and sharing what I was thankful for.  It made me anxious and uneasy.  Upon adult reflection, I think I hated the forced nature of it; how little it meant if acknowledging what I was grateful for only happened on the last Thursday of November.

As schools nationwide, including Kenilworth’s, focus more heavily on social-emotional learning, growth mindset, and the power of using an admiring lens, I am hopeful that an additional way we may make home-to-school partnerships is in our encouragement of our kids to practice gratitude.

Here are a few ways I’ve been reading about and practicing lately at home with my own little ones: 

  • Saying “thank you” like you mean it.
  • Looking for awe-inspiring moments and sharing them. 
  • Volunteering.
  • Keeping a gratitude jar; adding to it whenever you want to recognize someone or something that you are grateful for.
  • Taking a family challenge one Saturday:  commit to focusing on the positive for the entire day.  No complaining.  No moaning.  No bellyaching.   

I hope that together we may continue to raise and educate our children in a way that makes them cognizant of all that they have to be grateful for.  There’s always something. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kyle C. Arlington

Superintendent of Schools